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Our local / specialist forums allow more private discussions between members in a particular location or to discuss a specialist area. They can even be used as a blog.

Any Community Member can create a local/specialist forum. The creator of a forum will be the forum's moderator (i.e. able to edit and delete posts) and can grant other members this privelege.

Any Nurse Member or Community Member can join a local/specialist forum

The topics under discussion can be seen by Nurse Members but to see all the replies and post on these forums you need to be a Community Member.

Local / Specialist forums are not indexed by search engines.

Please note that although these forums allow significantly greater privacy than our public forum discussions should be carefully worded to protect patient confidentilaity. In particular you should take note of the NMC guidance on Social Media

You cannot read replies or post to local /specialist forums unless you are logged in

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